Contract Climbing

Contract Climbing and Climbing Instruction

I started my career doing line-clearance; specifically, clearing trees away from high voltage lines. Since then, I have worked doing residential tree care for the past 15 years. My career has given me extensive experience climbing on single rope configurations as well as moving rope systems.

I am currently offering services as a contract climber to companies that are in need of a backup climber for emergencies (such as aerial rescue) or simply to have a qualified individual available when needed. Additionally, I also provide instructional services to help crews put a safe system in place prior to starting a job.

The instructional services that I offer are highly adaptable and can be modified depending on not only what the individual or team needs to learn but also what kind of rope system works for them.  My goal is to be a resource to companies looking to train crews or individuals on how to work safely whether independently or as a team.   

Examples of instructional services:  

  • Teaching the most basic fundamentals to advanced climbing and rigging to teams or an individual
  • Teaching teams how to use throw lines, proper rope placement, ascending into the tree canopy, and using modern rope techniques to safely move in the tree
  • Instructing ground crews how to properly work with ports wraps & GRCS 

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